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Personalized Wedding Favors

Weddings are a huge moment in the lives of many people, and everyone wants their ceremony to be just perfect. Giving favors to your guests in order to thank them for their support and attendance is a huge tradition and these small gifts are seen at many other gatherings as well. While giving your friends and family an item that symbolizes your relationship and love is a great start, giving out personalized wedding favors might be even more preferable to you.

Add your initials, names, and even short messages to your favors quickly and easily. You can order personalized wedding favors that come with engraving or simple labels that help make each gift seem much more special. Personalization helps remind guests of your special day and ensure good memories last forever. We offer a variety of items, from edibles to glasses, so there is something for everyone to choose from.

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Wedding Personalized French Vanilla Hot Cappuccino Mix
Price: $1.60

Wedding Large Lip Balm Pot with SPF 15 Protection
Price: $0.99

Satin Printed Ribbon
Price: $0.75

Personalized Expressions Votive Candle Favors
As low as $0.97

Personalized Notebook Favors
As low as $0.61

Personalized Glass Jar
As low as $0.73

Personalized Lip Balm
As low as $0.54

Playing Card Favors with Personalized Labels
As low as $0.67

Personalized Expressions Collection Mirror Compact Favor**OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 5-27-16**
As low as $0.46

Personalized Expressions Collection Key Chain Favors
As low as $0.72

Pearl White Cross Keychain with Blue Crystals
Price: $1.34

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons in Gift Box - Personalized
Price: $2.39

White Mint Tin - Personalized
Price: $1.19

Matte Silver Mint Tin - Personalized
Price: $1.19

Handbag Place Card Holders - Personalized
Price: $1.78

Personalized Glass Photo Coasters
Price: $1.79

Two Hearts Are Better Than One Bottle Stopper - Personalized
Price: $2.34

Clear Top Mint Tin Favors - Personalized
Price: $1.19

Personalized 9oz Stemless Wine Glass
As low as $0.88

Personalized Pint Glasses
As low as $1.22

White Delivered With Love Boxes From The Personalized Expressions Collection
As low as $0.41

Personalized Expressions Collection Mint Tins
As low as $0.50

Personalized Expressions Collection Purse Hooks
As low as $1.07

Personalized Matchboxes - White Box (Set of 50) - Silhouette Collection
As low as $24.08

Personalized Matchboxes - Black Box (Set of 50) - Silhouette Collection
As low as $24.08

Personalized Pint Glass 16 oz.**12-13 BUSINESS DAYS PROCESSING TIME**
As low as $2.60

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass 15 oz**12-13 BUSINESS DAYS PROCESSING TIME**
As low as $2.60

Personalized Expressions Collection Heart Shaped Memo Clip Favors
As low as $0.73

Personalized Life Savers
As low as $0.28

Personalized Life Savers - Silhouette Collection
As low as $0.28

Personalized Life Saver Holiday Favors
As low as $0.28

Personalized Iced Tea
As low as $1.14

Personalized Iced Tea - Silhouette Collection
As low as $1.14

Personalized Iced Tea Holiday Favors
As low as $1.14

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favors
As low as $1.20

Personalized Mini Gift Tote - Silhouette Collection
As low as $1.20

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Holiday Favors
As low as $1.20

Personalized Sunscreen - Silhouette Collection
As low as $3.35

Personalized Sunscreen Holiday Favors
As low as $3.35

Personalized YORK Peppermint Patties
As low as $0.36

YORK Peppermint Patties - Silhouette Collection
As low as $0.36

Wedding Coffee (White)
As low as $1.49

Personalized Stemless 9 Oz Wine Glass (White Or Kraft Gift Box Available)**12-13 BUSINESS DAYS PROCE
As low as $1.55

Large Lip Balm Pot with SPF 15 Protection - Non Labeled
Price: $0.89

Large Lip Balm Pot with SPF 15 Protection - Non Labeled
Price: $0.89

Printed Ribbon with One Swarovski Crystal-50 pcs
Price: $64.00

Printed Ribbon with Two Swarovski Crystals-50 pcs
Price: $78.00

Printed Ribbon (SAMPLE) with Two Swarovski Crystals-1 ribbon
Price: $1.56

Personalized Sunglasses from Fashioncraft**OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 5-27-16**
As low as $0.59

Personalized Metal Water Bottle Favors
As low as $1.72



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Personalized Wedding Glasses
Personalized Wedding Glasses
Personalized Lip Balm
Personalized Lip Balm
Personalized Printed Glassware and Screen Printed Gifts
Personalized Printed Glassware and Screen Printed Gifts
Wedding Cappuccino Favors
Wedding Cappuccino Favors
Personalized Wedding Cocoa Favors
Personalized Wedding Cocoa Favors
Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors
Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors
Personalized Cocktail Wedding Favors
Personalized Cocktail Wedding Favors
Personalized Lifesaver Wedding Favors
Personalized Lifesaver Wedding Favors
Personalized Wedding Pen Favors
Personalized Wedding Pen Favors
Personalized Mint Favors
Personalized Mint Favors

Personalized Wedding Favors Are An Elegant Solution

What makes a wedding day special? Is it the beautiful bride? The handsome groom? The elegant decorations? The coming together of friends and family? The truth is that all of these elements and much, much more help to make a wedding day special and memorable. As the most important and most pivotal celebration of love for a couple, weddings are meant to capture the traits and tastes that make a relationship dynamic and enduring. As you begin to plan yours, remember that this day is supposed to convey the essence of you, your fiance, and what makes your love so special. And personalized wedding favors can play an important role in your unique day.

Having a day that's all about you and your future spouse is about as special as it gets, especially if you give it your all to make that day really represent you and your union. From activities and decorations that appeal to your tastes and interests to fun, playful touches that recall some of the favorite memories you've shared together, there are plenty of ways that you can make the day as one-of-a-kind as your relationship. Among all of those ways is one touch that your guests are sure to appreciate: personalized wedding favors.

Our favors allow for you to give your guests something thoughtful that shows how much you appreciate their help, support, and well wishes on the big day in a way that still focuses on the bringing together of two people. Featuring monogrammed initials, the wedding date, and similar customization, these products help to communicate a message of hospitality and remembrance on your wedding day. Not to mention, they're incredibly beautiful and offer a much more fun approach to gifting your guests!

Help your guests remember the importance of love as the result of your Wedding day. Send them home with personalized gifts that share the magic. The favors in this category have become a very popular choice for many weddings because they provide you with that extra special touch of personalization. We carry the most extensive design library online and are sure that you will be able to find the perfect design to compliment your existing theme. These premium designs were created by professional graphic designers to ensure that you get the best designs available. 

A quick look at our design library will tell you that you have come to the right place for personalized wedding favors. Many of the designs in our extensive library are of such a high quality that some brides planned their entire theme around the premium color palettes and overall look.

Unlike most other wedding favor websites most of our personalized products come completely assembled unless otherwise stated. In most cases, even when a product is not assembled by default we offer the option of full assembly on site for a nominal charge. Other retailers do not.

All of the personalized products below have dozens of label designs available. Whether you choose coffee favors, mint tins, or soaps your guests will be impressed with the quality of these special favors and the thought you put into selecting them.

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